What happens when you stop BF?


my daughter will be 2years old in 2 weeks and she has been night feeding only for the last 6-8 months. Now it is time to stop alltoghether. With a little help of “no nail biting” polish she is happy to tell me that the milk doesnt taste good (though she still wakes up several times for a sip of water or juice).

I am curious to know what happens now that we stopped breastfeeding for a couple of nights? how to avoid lumpy breasts and any other uncomfortable stuff?

Many thanks,



You might find you don’t need to do anything, it will just sort itself out. I didn’t. If you find your breasts are getting full and uncomfortable, it helps to hand express just a little until they are comfortable.

NB I have breastfed my three kids, but I’m not a lactation consultant; if you are uncertain you should probably visit your GP/doctor or a qualified lactation consultant


Thank you Ali, that did help. Hot shower and expressing a little. I hope it will sort itself out in a day or two.

Did freak out a little when my face turned red and blotchy yesterday but that passed - hormones i guess?

Thanks again for your advice.