What happens after leap 10?


my 19 month old is currently acting up its come out of no where, so far the wonder weeks have been spot on, so what i do now after leap 10, i assume they still go through leaps right?


From the WW FAQs: “My child is showing signs of a leap, but he’s 26 months old [so, beyond the 10th leap]; so it isn’t explained in the book.”

“There are definitely more leaps, but we haven’t written anything about those leaps. We do know that leaps will continue throughout your baby’s life. You can recognize them by the three Cs. Also, in the toddler “teenager” period (think of puberty; that’s a big leap), some things will change. For example, the n eed for breastfeeding will be less, and she won’t want to sit on your lap as much. But during the teenager periods, she will be cranky and crying. We don’t know when all the other leaps will start and when they will end.”

I’ve seen some people speculate that a “middle-age crisis” is a sign of a Wonder Week, just late in life, haha :smiley: