Weaning Woes


Okay, so my son is 11 months (TODAY!) and I’m just over pumping at work, not to mention my supply while pumping is tanking. He’s taken hemp and almond milk without issue and loves water. So I’m not concerned about the daytime loss of breast milk and getting any complaints about it at daycare. However, I’m concerned that his desire for breast milk will increase, even if just at first, when he has access to it fresh from the tap. This is only concerning because little dude still wakes up several times a night to nurse. (We have had zero luck with sending dad in to try to calm him, or giving him a few minutes to put himself back to sleep…he just freaks out and reaches for the door and screams for me.)

Can anyone assure me this will/will not happen? I’m anxious for him to sleep through the night but am just waiting for him to do it on his own right now. I’m hoping to hear that the reverse is true, that as he gets less during the day, he’ll want less at night. MAYBE!? LOL - any and all advice/wisdom is more than welcome.