Very Late Leap Milestones


Hi there,

My son is currently 31 weeks old and I juuuust discovered Wonder Weeks book after a friend’s recommendation (I wish I knew about it much before!). So I read all the preface and skipped first few chapters about Leaps 1, 2 and 3. According to the calendar, my son should be somewhere between Leaps 5 & 6 right now, but I decided to start reading from Leap 4 chapter just to see if he covered it all and I was amused that just now, in the recent 2-3 weeks, my son completed most of the milestones for the Leap 4 and is not even close to the milestones of the Leap 5. Is that normal?? Can it be a sign of a late development or anything?




Hi Valeria,

Try not to worry! As the book says in the introduction, babies each have their own preferences as to what skills they’re interested in working on at different times. If there’s anything you are concerned about though, ask a paediatrician.

My daughter has delayed motor development and it’s different to just not doing everything in the milestones list - e.g. She didn’t smile for months, stared at her hands still after 4-5 months of age, took a long time to have a steady head and is not yet sitting at 13 months.

Hope that helps!



Absolutely don’t worry about it. :slight_smile: Each child develops at a different rate. My son is 18 months old (I just finished the book) and there are some things from leaps 4 and 5 that he never did, but his daycare teacher says he is on target with everything and our pediatrician was impressed with everything she saw him do. If you are worried, check with your pediatrician, but it sounds to me like your little guy is just fine. :slightly_smiling_face: