Twins Due Date/Full Term?



Just discovered this book/website and hoping it’ll be a huge help.

My twins were due 1/8, but were born early on 12/17.

Technically twins are considered “full-term” at 37 weeks, but for the purpose of tracking to the WW jumps, should I be counting from their birthday on 12/17 or their due date on 1/8?




Hey :grin: Thanks for your interest. Please use the due dat, birth day has no baring, as brain development starts from conception & follows that trajectory, due date is the best way to track that :grin: . Of course there is some natural leeway of a week or 2 either side (depending on the leap, our book keeps you right) i.e it is an accurate but not precise process. So if it does fall on birth date that is purely coincidence :grin: Kind wishes TWW

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