The Wonder Weeks: Sleep

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3-in-1 App

  • State of the art monitor
  • White noise & sleep sounds & music
  • All you need to know about your baby’s sleep

A monitor you can rely on

With this app, you’ll always have a baby monitor at hand. Simply create one baby monitor with unlimited range by pairing two devices (smartphone, tablet and / or computer) with the same operating system.

The monitor will seamlessly adapt to be used over a secure 3G/4G connection when Wifi connection is lost.

  • Receive an alarm when your baby cries
  • Listen to the audio stream
  • Watch the live video footage
  • Soothe your baby instantly

The choice is yours! This app is consistently reliable, even when it’s running in the background. Let your baby know you’re there. Soothe him/her by using the microphone feature to talk to your baby remotely.

Sounds to help your baby fall asleep

White noise and certain types of music are proven methods to help your baby fall asleep. We’ve selected and entered the best ones for you. Remotely play sounds from parent station to baby station to help your baby sleep. Also, create a unique playlist by adding audio to your favourites.

Don’t want your child to wake? Audio files can be played on a
continuous loop. The audio can also be muted via both the parent and baby station.

Please note: This app includes bedtime stories as bonus audio that is intended for older siblings, not for babies in leaps 1 to 10.

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