The Grey Line in WW


Hi all,

Really really confused here. My daughter is giong through the grey line in wonder weeks when they say babies exibit sepparation anxiety signs. Only thing is she doesn’t have sepparation anxiety signs but signs as if going through a leap: crappy naps, difficult settling at night, the 3C’s etc. I thought first it’s teething but nope don’t think so. Has anyone had this going - it’s basically between leap 5 and leap 6.
Thank you in advance.


Hi there

My LO is in this grey period right now abd is displaying the same signs as ur LO was (grumpy but no signs of seperation anxiety)… How long did this last for u and did ur LO Settle well after this?



Hi Janice,

I only now say your reply, I don’t use this group too often - I use more the facebook one which I found more helpful.
Anyway I’m sure you’ve finished by now the grey period - for us it finished when the chart said and thing well back to normal,until leap 6 started. Well they all come and go we’ve now nearly finished leap 9 - I felt they get tougher as the baby grows.
Good luck and all the best for u and little one!