Sudden Hatred of Car Seats - Mental Leap 5


Mental leap 5 appears to have brought along a sudden hatred for car seats. Our LO, who up until now was a pleasure in the car, now cries hysterically the entire time she is in the car seat. I am wondering if this is due to her new awareness of relationships and realizing that being strapped in means she can’t get to her parents. But at the same time, she is not crawling yet and does not seem to cry in other situations where we are not near her. Has anyone else had this experience? If so, any tips for getting her through this phase? We have a 10-hour road trip planned in about 2 months!


My LO has never cared for the car seat but calms down after we get going in the car. We just took a trip and left at her bed time and she slept the whole way.


I had to laugh when I saw your post because our LO went through the same thing right before we went on a road trip as well. It was 4 hours each way and he screamed the whole time. We thought he would fall asleep at some point but he was mostly too worked up. It took all of my husband’s tricks, for sure.

My advice; provide plenty of toys especially chewable ones, have someone in the back seat with her, and trade off if you can. Clean diaper helps, but putting baby in and out of the car seat a lot is extremely frustrating for the baby!

Best of luck, hope your road trip turns out OK!


I should mention our son eventually got over his car seat aversion, and is usually fine as long as he has a toy, especially if he likes chewing on it.