Still not sleeping through the night


Help! I am desperately trying to get my almost 11 month old to sleep through the night. She was great up until 6 months old, slept through the night, but since then she is up like clock work at 330 am. I tried keeping the same routine, changing the routine, letting her cry, changing her, bringing her in bed… only thing that works so far is giving her a bottle. I don’t want to take her out of the crib so I end up standing over her crib while she eats. Problem is I go back to work in a few weeks and I need a solid nights sleep to function properly.
Any other ideas?


Well, first you have to figure out if she’s hungry or if she’s just getting a bottle out of habit. Is she on breast milk or formula? How is she doing with solids?

If she’s really hungry, unless you can give her a bedtime snack or something, you’ll probably have to keep giving her the bottle for now. Some babies just have a fast metabolism, though in theory, she shouldn’t need a bottle at her age.

If she’s just taking the bottle for comfort, you could try gradually reducing the amount in the bottle by one ounce every day or two. Then if she’s still awake and crying, you could offer her a pacifier if she takes one, try to put her to sleep by rocking or something, or start some sleep-training techniques and let her do some crying.


We are in exactly the same situation as you. My son is 11.5 months and he hasn’t slept through the night since the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. I have tried everything short of literally ignoring him and I haven’t had any luck. If I give him a bottle he will be back to sleep right away so he’s up for less than 7 minutes total. We tried reducing the amount we give him (3 oz) and if I give him any less than that he will wake up an hour or two later for another bottle. I have kind of given up and just decided that when he’s ready to sttn he will let me know by going for it.


We are in the same boat. 11.5 months and since the top teeth came in at 7 months we don’t get a full night. We have tried it all except cc. Sleeps like a log once I take him into the spare room to co sleep but not ideal long term I guess. Oatmeal before bed usually gets him through from 6.30-1 or 2am. Also hoping he will manage a whole night soon as baby no 2 due soon.


You lucky ladies. We haven’t had any sleep through at all and bub is 13.5 months. We have just accepted that’s how he’s going to be and we know eventually he’ll want to sleep


She isn’t hungry I don’t think. She is formula feed and eats great. Dinner is usually 530 then she has a bath a bottle at 7 ( 6oz)… She gets 3/4 of the way through the the bottle before falling asleep. She doesn’t have a soother and doesn’t suck her thumb ( she is a litte tongue tied so latching was an issue… I think it was too much work for a her to use a soother. The only security crutch she has is a blankie…
During the day when she is napping she can sooth herself if she wakes up but at night she doesn’t seem to. As much as I would love to rock her back to sleep that defeats the purpose of me trying to get her to sooth herself back to sleep.
I put her in her crib awake for her naps and most times at night so it’s not like she can’t fall asleep on her own… i don’t know… I guess I’ll keep trying different things (a week at a time)
Good luck to the other moms in the same boat!


Ok, from what you’ve said, I would recommend weaning her from that bottle slowly (since her tummy is used to it, even if she doesn’t need it) and doing some form of sleep training which will involve some crying. I think it will go really well since she puts herself to sleep at other times - this is just a bad habit. The first 3-7 nights will involve crying, maybe a lot of crying, because she wants things the way that she likes and is used to, but if you can stick it out I bet she will break the habit. You don’t have to just abandon her - you can let her cry while you stand there with your hand on her, or you can pick her up and put her back down periodically. I like “Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems” by Ferber for sleep training advice. I would guess that if she goes without that bottle for a week, she will stop wanting it and stop waking up altogether.


My baby didn’t sleep through until 14 months! But his sleep has been bad this week due to the 10th leap. Up and down. Pretty normal from what I can see.


Hi ladies,

My little man is only 8 weeks, so im still getting up once through the night for a feed. But my uncle gave me this tip, which he was given by his mother. Now he said it worked for him with my cousin, (he was a single dad) but I would just like to say that we are of European descent and there are alot old wives taleS and old fashion “village” ways.

so it goes like this, when my cousin was younger (about 7-8 month age) and started waking up during the night. The first night my uncle went in with a full bottle of milk. Then second night he went with a bottle 3/4 full, once that was gone he gave him water. My cousin cried for a bit before going back to sleep.
The third night he started with a 1/2 bottle of milk then gave him water, again my cousin cried but not as long as the night before.
The forth night he only went in with water, my cousin drank some before spitting it out and going to sleep.
then on the fifth night, nothing! No cries and no waking up! He figured out the water wasn’t worth getting up for.

I can’t and nor would I suggest this as a method, but I thought it might make you giggle. My cousin and I laugh about it now.


If you are not happy with methods that involve a bit of ‘tough love’, which normally involve tears from all persons involved, I would suggest The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. I had started using this method when my daughter was about 5 months, but then she started sleeping better so I didn’t continue until the end of self settling…silly me! I am about to re-commence as my now nearly 9 month old has taken a backwards step with her sleeping. This method does take a bit of time, but it involves almost no stress for either bub or the parent.