Stalled between leap 4 and five


Hi All! My baby was 4 weeks early so per wonderweeks we go by his due date. Hes nearly 7 months actual 6 weeks adjusted and is almost through leap 5. Up until now his development has been on track. At the moment it feels like hes hit a plateau. At the end of leap 4 he learned to roll started eating his toes and making some new sounds…growling and blowing rasberries. Also got a lot more interactive with toys and better at tummy time. Were nearly done with leap 5 and hes not doing anything new since leap 4. Hes not sitting…not really making consonant sounds except for very occasional b and m noises. He is always squealing and going ah ah ah…hes very vocal but again nothing new. We have tried solids but he either pukes them up right away or had diareah for a day after. This skills list says he should be picking up food with his fingers. Um what?! Weve only started stage 1 purees. I also cant tell if he knows his name yet. He only looks at me half the time and idk if hes responding to my voice or what. Definitely doesnt care when i leave the room lol. Isnt afraid of new ppl at all. He is a daycare baby. How long after leap 5 did you notice new skills? Im hoping hes still on track and just taking his time with this one.