Screaming Half Way Through Bottle


Hi - My LO’s been screaming and throwing himself backwards when taking a bottle - he’s 6 weeks 3 days - it’s not everytime but is more often than not the last couple of weeks - in this time he’s also developed a rash that the HV said was probably baby acne but this has now spread to his shoulders - any other parents having same/similar ?


Hey, just thought I’d respond, perhaps colic is setting in as 6-8 weeks can peak. Always get rashes checked by your GP. My little one kept going through the leaps being fussy and screaming with the bottle, until I changed his formula (novalac colic) and started him on solids at 4 months (recommended by the doctor) he now has completely transformed


At that age my LO had baby acne too that spread to his chest. It just clears up and for us he was 9 weeks or so. Also he would fuss while nursing and buck off and arch his back. I’ve always said he is just a difficult eater. Not till 5 mo now are things calm for nursing and bottle. Maybe your baby just isn’t hungry and is mad you’re trying to feed him?