My 7 month old refusing to settle


My little man was always an ‘all-right’ sleeper. Quite happy in his cot and would nap well during the day wherever he was put really - bed, sofa (with cushions on the floor) or his cot but now he will sleep from 7-11 and then all hell breaks loose!
He has worked out how to roll onto his front but can’t get back (shouts from Mummy and Daddy) he always seems like he is still asleep during this time but will be screaming so loud and for a long time. we do offer a bottle and he will drain 7oz even though he has 3 meals a day (big - greedy boy) and a 7oz bottle with each mealtime.
We offer teething gels/powders and sometimes calpol if he is really flushed and a temp but nothing seems to be helping.
It’s such a shame as he is such a happy boy in the day but turns into a different baby at night!
Any advice greatly appreciated x