Leap 9 - discipline


My daughter is coming to the end of leap 9 & stil completely does not comprehend the words no, stop, don’t, ah ah, no that’s yucky, dangerous ect.
I feel I’m so busy saying ah ah a thousand times a day I barely feel I have time to enjoy her. We’re even starting to consider smacks something I swore I never would just to stop her putting herself at risk from the naughtiest.
We’ve even tried time out but I just don’t think at 15 months she gets it.
Someone help how can u discipline without blowing your top ?


My son will be 15 months on Nov 31st. While I think he might understand no, stop, don’t, etc. he doesn’t care. He is getting more and more whiny, moody, and very stubborn (all the typical WW signs). We have tried time out. It doesn’t work. He just gets more and more upset. I have found that instead of time out, if I rock him for a second and let him have his pacie sometimes he calms down. My other tactic is to change the scenery…take him to a different room or outside or suggest a toy to play with. I just worry that while distracting him might work in the moment, it’s not teaching him to NOT do something.

Side note: I have realized he’s smarter than I give him credit for. He has learned to push my buttons and loves to do so.