Leap 8 sleep challenges


Hello! We are coming towards the end of Leap 8 - our son turned 1 last week - and for the last two weeks sleep has been absolutely horrendous! He’s never been the best sleeper, always waking once or twice (i’ll take that!), but this is another level - constant waking during the night, feeding like a newborn, and not wanting to stay in his cot. I’ve ended up bringing him in with me to try and preserve what little of my sleep there is, but I was just hoping some of you had similar stories for this leap/age, and that you can reassure me it will soon pass. Am absolutely shattered! On a positive note, he’s learnt to walk in the last week (yay!) and is showing so many new developmental skills which are a lot of fun. Thanks so much in advance!


My daughter is just entering leap 9 and I can confirm that in terms of sleep leap 8 was the worst and that (thankfully) it does pass as usual!


Know that you’re not alone! My son turns 1 on the 23rd and has been terrible this past week… almost identical to yours. I thought it was from his teething, but completely forgot to factor in the leap!


Hi! My daughter is almost 14 mo now and she’s been through a lot of different sleep stages since she was born. I can totally feel you because my LO still wakes up a lot at night, especially during leaps/growth spurts. I also thought to myself one night when she was up very frequently that it felt like she was a newborn again. But I can reassure you - it will pass. I only make sure to offer her enough solid food throughout the day (but don’t force her to eat) so it’s not because she’s really hungry. I am also very consistent with her day and bedtime routine (again to make sure she’s not overstimulated or confused). And I am really surprised that I got used to the fact that babies/toddlers go through a lot of mental/physical changes in their first years which can prevent them from sleeping through the night - I used to be very upset about it in the first months of my daughter’s life. Maybe because I’m a first time mom and I was quite overwhelmed with all these leaps/growth spurts in the beginning. Hugs! :slight_smile: