Leap 5 starting 1-2 weeks late


So I am a few Leaps late in getting started, but my son is just turning 28 weeks and I feel like he has only just started Leap 5? He has the 3 c’s and is certainly not displaying the “sunny side” disposition–I wrote it off as just teething when a friend told me about Wonder Weeks. Can someone please shed some light on this? Thank you!


I would wonder if your child is actually hitting the 29/30 week fussy period early! From the app - “Fussy and irritable behavior at around 29 or 30 weeks is not a telltale sign of another leap. Your baby has simply discovered that her mommy can walk away and leave her behind, and as funny as it may sound, this is progress. It is a new skill; your baby is learning about distance.”

Your baby’s next proper leap will be around 33.5 weeks - the World of Categories.