Leap 4...baby won't take bottle..help!


I’m at my wits end, this has been going on well over a week. She fights the bottle so much and even starts moaning when she sees it. She will happily suck on her dummy and the only way for me to get milk into her is to continually try taking the dummy out and swapping for the bottle, or wait until she’s almost asleep then switch the dummy for the bottle. She’s dropped her milk intake by about 7oz a day.
I started her on baby rice a couple of days ago but she’s not too fussed on that either.
Did anyone else’s baby go off their milk during leap 4, and did it get any better??
So worried!


So my daughter started doing this at her leap 3 and still does it now and we are going into leap 4. the only thing ive found that helps (after weeks of screaming and dream feeding) is to keep offering keep offering and keep offering, sounds like no help i know, but when she gets hungry she will down her 6 oz no problem, plus ive had to sit her in front of the tv in her swinging chair so she is so busy watching tv she kinda forgets that there is a bottle in her mouth and just instinctively starts sucking.
It was a vicious cycle because without a full belly her sleeps were terrible. So the Tv is what ive resulted to. Or my husband drives and i sit in the back with her next to her car seat and feed her.
Basically when her mind is switched off to the actual bottle, i can feed her.


How’s the flow of the nipple? Does she seem congested after, gulp, or choke during feeds on the bottle? Does she also breastfeed? And if so how does she act?


I am experiencing this too with my 15 week old. Im at my wits end. Im lucky if she eats 10oz a day. She used to eat 5/6oz at every feed 5 times s day. Isnt she hungry? What about her weight? Ots really getting me down. Just want to know it will get better xx