Leap 4 and improved tolerance for car seat?


My daughter is currently in the middle of leap 4. She has been a nightmare in her car seat all her life barring the day we brought her home from the hospital. When I say nightmare I mean screaming the minute she’s in the car seat. We’ve tried every trick in the book. Has anyone seen this improve with this leap? Or any leap? I’ve been on house arrest for all her life now. I’m not exaggerating


Our daughter had a terrible time in her car seat until we discovered that she had silent reflux. The angle of the car seat apparently made the reflux and stomach discomfort even worse. I hope that you’re able to find out what is making your little one feel so bad when she’s in her car seat do that you can get out. I remember what that was like. It was really hard.


Thanks! She does have reflux. We got a diagnosis very early on but nothing we try has helped. Even a more upright convertible car seat didn’t help :frowning:


Hi Deepika

SO sorry you are having such a hard time. I was under house arrest for 3 months due to baby health reasons so I feel your pain!! I’m sure you have tried everything but this is what I can think of if not tried already:

  1. put into car seat asleep already
  2. play white noise/music trial and error until something wrks
  3. sit with her in back in middle seat hold hands
  4. express milk/formula in milk and give and transport into car seat meanwhile
  5. I once could only get my child to sleep by breastfeeding bent forwards nipple in babys mouth lol!!! try that? Maybe check neighbours arent watching lol
  6. expensive I know but maybe try different car seat?
  7. use car seat indoors for practice
  8. hand one of those pram toys over handle abr of car seat and pretend it is like a toy eg preten car seat is like a jumperoo.

Have to go little one akak my boss is cryig.

GOod luck!!!