Leap 4 and eating less/refusing bottle

Hi I’m new to this community. So my little guy is 16 weeks today and we entered the start of leap 4 around 14.5 weeks to the day. My little guy has been eating less since the 3rd leap and now doesn’t really want his bottle much. He is formula fed due to my breast milk never coming in. He pushes the nipple out with his tongue or he bats it away with his hand. He rarely finishes his bottles now. And he use to drink 28oz a day now I’m lucky to get 22oz a day. Anyone gone through something similar and their baby goes back to drinking well after this leap? I’m so afraid he’s not getting enough nourishment that he needs in order to gain weight.

This is common and is just about them showing their preferences - keep an eye on his nappies and if output is still good them you have nothing to worry about :two_hearts: