I Think My Due Date Was Wrong


I’ve been using the Wonder Weeks app for a while now, and never felt like it was lining up with my daughter’s learning experiences or moods. I looked back through my old diary entries from around the time I discovered I was pregnant, because I remember thinking that my baby was due in June of 2014 and I was surprised when my OB told me May. Found the diary entry from when I took my pregnancy test and I had guessed that the conception date was either September 7th, 8th, or 10th (I was tracking everything back then, because we were trying to conceive, so I marked days we had sex and days I got my period). I also found the entry from my first OB visit, when she said the conception date was 2 weeks before I had gotten my last period, which never made sense to me.

So using September 10th as the starting point, 40 weeks from that date is June 17th. Punched that into the Wonder Weeks app, and now everything makes sense! But now I feel horrible. When we thought I was 5 days past my due date of May 15th, we decided to induce labor, and now it’s possible that we actually pushed our baby out a month too soon.


Hi Juliet.

That’s kinda concerning? My question is did the OBGYN not go by the baby’s measurements and growth whilst in uteryo? Because my little man was measuring 7 days ahead, i had been given December 9th, 12th, 14th and finally the 16th 2014. I basically just left it at “when bubs is ready” but then i had a bleed at 37 weeks to which the Doctor’s decided not to let me go past the 16th. (As that was the date they were working by) I was then induced on the 16th, when they broke my water, it was discovered that bub had poo’ed wgwhich can be a sign that baby is “well done” and maybe signs of distress.

Although i was told by a few of the Aunties and family friends that he was “cooked” by looking at him. He wasn’t pruney or scaly.

So are you finding since changing the date that things are matching up now? I’ve only just downloaded the app for my 8 week old little man, curious to see how it works.


Yeah, with the new date, everything is tracking so much better. She was so cranky this morning and suddenly refusing to nurse. Turns out she just started her 6th leap today.

My OB came up with May 15th from measurements during the ultrasound, but you’d think she would take into account the date of my last period. and my daughter was just always bigger than normal, throughout the whole pregnancy. At birth she was 9lbs 4oz and 20.5" long. I can’t imagine how big she would have been if we hadn’t induced!


Oh that’s good, that it is matching up now. Wow big bubba!