How much food should 8 month old eat?


My son is 8 months old. I started him on solid (cereal) when he was 5.5 months. I had to stop solids for a little while because he wouldn’t drink his milk anymore. I started solids again when he was 6 months old. He seemed to only like cereal. He would fuss a lot when given anything else. I was making his purees but he didn’t seem too interested. After doing some research I introduced “baby gourmet”. He seems to like it better. I just wonder if he is eating enough. How much should an 8 month old eat?

Ps…he still wakes up twice every night to eat.



How much should an 8-month-old eat? Basically, as much as he wants. Is he breastfed or formula fed? Either way, if he’s getting in the minimum recommended amount of milk from a bottle or the minimum number of nursing sessions (6-8/day at 8 months), he can eat as much solid food as he wants. For some babies, they have little interest at 8 months. My baby at 3 “meals” a day of mostly mushy foods like applesauce and sweet potatoes and little bits of finger food like broccoli and toast. He was breastfed.


He is breastfed.

Thanks for your answer