Well the past three days my kiddo has been crabby. Last night we only slept three hours got up ate 3 oz and went back to bed. Up 3 hours later and at again. About 7 pm she screamed through a bottle and now I can’t get her to eat. It’s 11:20 and she only sleeps for an hour. Is the not eating normal?


Although I am not glad that you had to go through the stress of your baby not feeding, I am glad you spoke about it!! My babe is in leap 3, won’t eat and subsequently, her sleep in suffering as she is waking up hungry but only takes a small amount!! Please tell me this phase passed quickly?! She is already underweight and it’s making me very anxious!


Well we’re out of leap 3 and she’s back to normal. I do have to feed her in a quiet room because now gets distracted. We’re back to sleeping through the night too!!!