First leap in Daycare


I just started back full time at work, and my 8 month old is in daycare now. This will be her first leap while in daycare, yikes!
This morning I noticed she’s a little cranky, was not happy to sit and play while I finished getting ready for work, she needed to be on my hip. So I think it’s starting!
Anyone been there with leaping while at daycare? Any advice? I haven’t asked to see if our provider is aware of Wonder Weeks, but I will this afternoon when I get her.
Anything advice for this particular leap that I can pass on to her daycare? She does like it there, but I imagine I’ll be getting reports about fussiness.


So thought I’d just update my own post.
My poor girl was actually getting sick the day I posted this - her first cold. When I picked her up that afternoon they said she had slept most of the day, but had no fever. She got a fever and all stuffed up, and she was feeling pretty low for a couple of days. Her dad and I feel like the illness pushed back her leap a little, and she went through it late. She’s had a lingering cough from her illness and it has often been hard to distinguish leap fussiness from being-sick fussiness. It was all a jumble for us! She was taking shorter naps, but was it the cough or the leap? She has not slept through the night every night like she had been, but again, from coughing and a stuffy nose, or the leap?
Anyway, she’s 40 weeks today. We’re just holding on and trying to get through the darn cold season! Everyone is sick - daycare, school, and work. It can only get better from here, right? RIGHT?!


We are currently in the 4th leap and my LO starts daycare on Monday. I’m hoping he does okay. Yesterday he was incredibly fussy and I couldn’t imagine not being the one to comfort him. People tell me that babies tend to be less fussy at daycare vs home with mom, I’m hoping that’s true as these leaps continue. Thanks for posting about this topic.