Faster movement through leaps?


my daughter just turned 14 weeks yesterday but she has been exhibiting lmost all of the signs of leap 4 since week 11. She has been waking up 1 1/2 hours or more earlier than normal, im having more difficulty getting her to sleep both for naps and at night, she has a clear preference for me over everyone else even her dad (she frequently screeches and cries as soon as i leave her with her dad), i can barely put her down long enough pee, she will start crying all of a sudden seemingly for no reason, and hasnt been responding to my efforts to play with her as enthusiastically as she did before. She also turned over (tummy to back) for first time right on start of week 12 and has done it 2 more times since then.

there have been no substantive changes in her schedule, child care etc. I stay home with her and i generally just follow her lead and arrange my plans around that. No special training (like sleep training)or other efforts have been attempted or started.

other than moving straight into leap 4 or starting it earlier (i only just found out about the wonder weeks so cant remember exactly when she went through leap 3), is there something else going on? Is it possible for faster movement through the leapseven if under special circumstances? Im kinda at a loss as to what else it could be considering its been going on for so long.