End of Leap 4--WIll it really end?


I actually took my daughter to the doctor because my sitter has me convinced there is something wrong with her. I teach 1st and 2nd grade and all I do while I am at work is worry about my daughter. She REFUSES to nap unless she’s held, which my sitter can’t do because she also watches her 2y/o grandson…so, my daughter gets 1 hour of sleep…IF THAT in the 9 hours I am away from her. I hate know that she’s crying most of the time while I’m gone and there is nothing I can do about it. I’m pretty sure my sitter is about to tell me she won’t watch her anymore…I told her about these leaps in development and her response was “Well…I’ve never heard of these “developmental leaps”…and they are getting to be a bit much”. I’m so frustrated and so sad all the time because I worry so much about her. She has no fevers, she eats fine, enough diapers…no ear infections…I EBF…and the sitter thinks she has to have food now…she’s only 4 months old! :frowning: I just don’t know what to do.


wowsers - is finding a new sitter an option?
Leap 4 does end, promise. But the next leap is always a stone’s throw away. I’ll be honest, and I’m not sure if this is a developmental thing or not, my little one needed to be cuddled and nursed to sleep for a long time. That said, I know plenty of people whose babies eventually figure out how to fall asleep on their own, and from early on (I was not that lucky :)).
Hang in there Mama! It gets easier!


How long after the storm cloud can i expect relief in leap four? I feel im teaching bub that the only way to settle is by breastfeeding. Every nap.