EBF 6 month old nighttime feeding challenges


I am a first time momma and have been EBF my 6 1/2 month old son until the past 2 weeks (we’ve introduced some veggies/fruit). Is it possible that he still “needs” to nurse throughout the night nutritionally? He sleeps at best 5 hrs at a time and that is only on rare occasions, more often it is 3.5-4 hrs with him waking and inconsolable until he is nursed. When he nurses, he nurses very well and eagerly (doesn’t fall asleep “on the job” until both sides are done). He is about 20 lbs which is on the big end for his age. Thoughts? Direction?


Keep going! It’s tough, I know! But bf is so much more than nutrition, it’s comfort for teething, and lots more. If you’re back to work, this is possibly the closeness to you he craves? My son slept great until 6 months, then suddenly was up every 2-3 hours. We blamed it on teething, however I am not sure well ever understand why? Just that it helped him thru the night (mommy suffered for a while, but looking back, I really miss how close we were!). Good luck!