Dummy/soother or comforter? Or alternative?


Hi there, first time posting here… My little girl is 11 weeks old (was 1 week overdue) and acc to the WW app currently going through leap 3…she is exclusively breastfed…at the moment I am trying to get some sort of routine for sleeping- she’s not too bad overnight but getting her to nap in her crib during the day is difficult. She will cry if she doesn’t have her dummy,and will sleep with it in eventually, but often spits it out several times before she goes to sleep which means frequent trips up and down the stairs to replace it. Some books I have read seem to suggest a comforter- I’ve tried to start using one which she seems to want to suck- and I worry about it being over her face. Any advice about use of musical/light over crib mobiles as an alternative? She usually dozes off while breastfeeding even during the day. She sleeps easily if I walk her in her buggy. Any advice appreciated!


My son is 13 weeks today … He uses a dummy and I have a comforter which I wear down my top from time to time to put my scent on it and I keep it next to him in his cot. He generally has no problems going to sleep which is great … Like you I’m a little concerned about him picking up his comforter and it being on his face.
He’s gett more control over his hands all the time so I guess he should be fine


Hi! There is a comforter available from the UK called cuski which is reported to be safe for sleeping as it is breathable. There is lots of info on the company’s (Cuski) website…the bamboo ones were trialled in a hospital - there is a PDF somewhere to read - and are apparently used/recommended for pre-term babies as the material absorbs both mother and baby’s scent. There are many reviews on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon (UK and US). My ten month old daughter has had a cuskiboo (we have two as recommended so one can be used while other is with mum or in the wash) from 4 months and although it hasn’t had a miraculous effect as in some testimonials (but I don’t think it would be different for her with any other comforter and perhaps we started too late as we had already hit the 4 month sleep regression…) it definitely helps her get through some of her light sleep cycles, and she has often buried her face in it or under it without problem…with me hovering nearby frequently at first and listening to her breathing!