Doesn\'t sleep anymore - leap 4


Hello !
My 16 week old is entering leap 4 - events and can’t sleep anymore.
He used to sleep until 8 / 830 and now wakes up around 6 and won’t go back to sleep. His day time sleep is short and sporadic too. I know he’s exhausted but can’t seem to stay asleep.
Do they go back to sleeping after this leap ?!?


My LO used to wake up late every morning but now no more she stays awake more during the day…now most of the time,she sleeps only 30 minutes every two hours,sometimes she sleeps longer for hours in the afternoon,if she sleeps only 30 minutes every two hours,she sleeps early around 6 or 7 in the evening and of course sometimes it is hard to settle her down especially she is tired and wants to sleep…she is currently in week 16 leap 4


Hi. We have the same problem, with the sleeping. Now we’re almost 21 weeks old. Beginning with the 19th, he sleeps very badly at night. He goes to sleep at ~9 but until 11-12 (when i go to sleep) he wakes up 5-6 times crying each time as he had a bad dream or something like that. After i go to sleep (I sleep with him in the same room, each of us in his own bed :slight_smile: ) we wakes up approx. each 1,5 hours. Last two nights, I managed to bring him to sleep, but he wakes up right away I put him in the bed. I have to let him sleep on me for an hour or so, and after that put him on the bed.
Will he ever sleep normal again :frowning: I don’t mean the whole night but at least stay asleep in the bed…


We’re leaving leap for in like 10 days and I’m happy to report she’s sleeping through the night once again. She’s happier, talkative, teething :-(, and trying to sit up and rolling over. The sleep thing is normal. I promise you have light at the end of the tunnel!


Oooo, thank you Arleen!
Last night we had a pretty good night too. I put him in bed, next to me, but he woke up only 2 times, and then in the morning he was so happy and smiling. Maybe I’m also more relaxed cause I know now that it is just a phase. Maybe it helped too…
Thanks for the help and for understanding!