BTDT Mom's- give us some hope!


For those of us with children rapidly approaching a year who are still not sleeping through the night, can any BTDT Mom’s give us some ray of hope that there will in fact be sleep in our future? My son is 11.5 months old and he is now waking twice a night (occasionally only once) for a bottle. I don’t want to try CIO again because it doesn’t work for my son. I have convinced myself that there is no hope and he will sleep through when he is ready. Can anyone chime in who has been in the same boat? I basically need to hear that other babies have miraculously started sleeping through without having to use sleep training.


In the same boat and whilst I have no solutions I share your sleep deprivation. It helps that other mums and dads are going through the same thing…most won’t admit it face to face


I have a 13.5 month old that still isn’t sleeping through. His CHN would never do a referral to a sleep school so at a visit at the GP yesterday I asked if he could refer and he was haply to. He said last year he had to refer 6 babies as the CHN wouldn’t do it. So fingers crossed there’s something on the horizon soon.
And for all the sleep strategies, we tried everything except CIO. I did let him cry for 5 mins once but he ended up throwing up and then his sleeping got worse. Every time we tried a strategy he would get worse so there’s obviously something medically wrong and the CHN rrally doesn’t care (or is too lazy)