Breastfeeding a 4 month old


Anyone else finding breastfeeding a pain at this stage (4months old)? He seems to want to feed, but decides not to, then my supply is starting to drop!
Wondering if this is a phase or teething. I seem to remember my other son going through this as well, but it’s been 3 years!


Yes! She was getting distracted and wanted to be playing instead of eating. Nursing in a dark and quiet room was very helpful. Nursing right after she woke up but was still sleepy helped too. Also, I just offered to nurse more often than usual so she would snack a little more.


I have found if he falls to sleep on my arms, I can dream feed him, which means he feeds longer. Also, works just after he wakes, as you say, and otherwise, he just arches back, looks around and shouts like he’s finished! Argh! It’s getting difficult as I already have a 3 year old who also needs my attention! I tried having them both in same room, but it’s just worse then. Can take ages for him to fall asleep, so I can sleep feed him. Struggling at the moment! To top it off, we’ve all got tummy bug! He’s nearly asleep, and he’ll need to fill a nappy again! Hoping for easier breastfeeding times ahead! I wish I had taken notes with my first! I get small flashbacks every so often! But we breastfed until he was 2y.o., so all I seem to remember was the good times! Thanks for response! Good to know I’m not alone!