Book Order Europe


Hi, i would like to order the book, but I’m from Romania. What are my possibilities to order it?
Thanks for your help!


Buna Bianca,

Si eu sunt romanca dar locuiesc in Anglia. Ma bucur sa te aflu pe acest site!
Do you have a kindle? If so yiu can download the book on kindle - it’s very convenient and cheeper?.
Also bit off topic but just wanted to ask if you know about the facebook wonder week groups. They are sooo helpful. Saved my sanity during these leaps!
Hope this helps!
Good luck



Buna Alina! Super sa te gasesc aici!
I found a way to order the book from internet, found a used book library online. Hope to receive the book in a few days/weeks. Have no kindle, kind of love to read the books on paper. I guess I’m a “traditionalist” regarding this :stuck_out_tongue:
I accessed the group on facebook, but I think I accessed the book, not the community. Have to see about that :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for your help! Really helpful!

Best wishes to you and your little one :wink:


Oh good glad to hear you found a way to get hold of the book.
The facebook group is called Wonder Weeks Talk - you can ask to join it.
Also you might find very helpful the wonder week group of the month and year your little one was born /had due date.
So for instance my little girl was due and born July 2014 and so I joined the group Wonder Weeks - July 2014 Babies and I found there mommies going through the same leaps with their little ones and again lots of support advice etc.
Take care and all the best!



Thank you! I didn’t know about the two groups! Thanks a lot!


Uff, sadly there is no talk group for May 2015 :frowning:


Bianca, there is one! I just looked for it and found it! I can’t copy the link but please search for wonder weeks may 2015 babies - you’ll find it!


Hi Bianca,

Managed to copy the link from my laptop - here it is:
Ask to join and then you’re done! Happy posting!



Thank you Alina! Thanks a lot!!!


Hi, The book depository ships worldwide for free :wink:


Thank you so much Xavlera Plas! I ordered it from a library for used books, if i can’t get it, i’ll try at book depository. Thanks a lot! Best wishes!