Amazing Leap!


My baby is 60 weeks right now and had the “sunny side” of this leap during Christmas, which was perfect because we had family visiting. It was amazing to see all of the new things that he learned! Some of them could have been learned earlier, but he obviously had a huge mental shift and started doing lots of new things.

He took his first steps. He learned to clap and play patty-cake. He finally has a few baby signs down and is trying to say some words. He’s interested in more structured play. For example, my mom taught him to play “baking,” where he stirs a big wooden spoon in a mixing bowl and pretends to dump from measuring cups and a little bottle of sprinkles. He’s suddenly fascinated with cleaning and requests a napkin when he’s finished eating to wipe off his tray, and he’ll take all of the crumbs and put each little one onto his plate. He washes the whole tub during bath time! He knows that when we put his shoes and jacket on, we’re going somewhere, and he starts waving bye-bye.

I love watching him grow and learn. It’s been such a fun phase! I hope he doesn’t get too cranky as the next leap is scheduled to start soon.