5th leap - anyone survived to tell the tale? Your stories please



First time posting here and my daughter is just going through the 5th leap which seems to be pretty bad so far. Crappy naps, fussing a lot when put down for nap, difficulty in self settling (last night she only fell asleep after 10.30pm and even then had to use white noise) lots of crying when being changed to name a few.
Really curious how your little ones have reacted to this leap


I actually remember that being on of the worse leaps. My baby stopped playing independently and needed constant interaction. He had a sleep regression and was difficult to put down. He reverted in a lot of ways to being like a newborn again. And it lasted a long time! But, he did get through it eventually and things were happy again.


Aaaaah, thank goodness! I am not alone!!! I received the leap alarm email a few days ago and right on cue baby turned into a little monster at nap time/sleep time. She just wanted to be fed to sleep and was up every hour again…grrrr. I gave her one night of whatever she wanted but we have come too far with her sleep for me to let all those bad habits creep back in. She does seem to have settled back into the routine pretty quickly. Consistency has been key in successful sleep for us. Here’s hoping it keeps working through this 5th leap.


Following. We are going through it now. So far, she is definitely noticing when we walk away from her and fusses when we are too far away for her liking.


I found the last couple of weeks of leap 5 tough - but that may have been due to the 4 teeth she got, or because we were travelling away from home, or a combination of everything.
Things got better once the leap finished, but then the grey period arrived and we went backwards a bit but not tooooooooo badly. We’ve just gotten through the grey period and will hopefully have a couple of good weeks before leap 6.


We are in the heat of leap 5 and sleep has gotten so sparse :cry: and the little boy who used to easily get a diaper change now screams just being set onto the changing table. He was sleeping 7:30pm to 7 am with one wake up to nurse, now he sleeps 7-10 pm and is stirring almost constantly after that. Does sleep ever come back?