4 month sleep transition to crib


so ive been looking into sleep training methods but i have no idea what to try or even 4 months is a god age to try it. my LO is going through that huge leap so he wont be sleeping as much. as of rn he sleeps in his swing during the day for his naps and then with me at night. he will sleep throughout the night but im awake all night worried something will happen to him sleeping with me. i would love if we could have a SMOOTH transition to the crib. now he is a very very stubborn baby. [he gets that from his mimi] so is there any suggestions what worked for your LO?
any help is appreciated.


I have no crib transition success story to share (from about 4 months my LO has slept with me at night, still does), however I can successfully transfer her to her cot at about 10-15 min after she falls asleep most times, and she stays asleep as long or longer than she does sleeping next to me. If your bub is sleeping for a long chunk at a time transfering to the crib in this way might help you get some sleep!


I can feel your pain. I’ve been through this, as well. However, think twice before you decide to sleep train your baby. You may want to read this article beforehand: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/moral-landscapes/201407/parents-misled-cry-it-out-sleep-training-reports I was also at my wits end and wanted to end the horrible circle of sleep-deprivation but I also didn’t want to harm my baby. You may want to look into cosleeping / bedsharing options. There is a FB group where you’ll find lots of tips on safe cosleeping / bedsharing: https://www.facebook.com/groups/biologicallynormalinfantsleep/ . Plus, if you need support, you can always ask for advice there.


I’m deff going to try that! However I have a feeling that it might not work. Usually when I put him down in his bouncer or swing he wakes up. And I’ve tried warning it and all the other tips. I’m hoping however tho that if I get a crib mattress wedge that it will help ease the transition.


Hope it works for your LO! The timing is important (10-15min, when they are deep asleep and floppy) but still no guarantee :slight_smile: some bubs only want to sleep on their mummy - frustratingly! You need your sleep too though.

We have just started transitioning our LO to falling asleep in her cot, it’s tough but she is getting the idea. She’s over 1 now so it’s a bit of a different ball game though. They keep us on our toes :slight_smile:

All the best


I put my LO in her crib on her side with receiving blankets on both sides (to keep her on her side) and she now sleeps through the night :black_heart: