23 week leap - anyone feeling the pain yet?


HI, all,

Just wondering if any of you are in or just past the 23 week leap and have any insights on how best to support my LO. He’s definitely taking notice when we leave the room, and getting very frustrated he can’t move around more - and has taken to crawling backwards in his sleep & crying when he hits the crib! It all seems to just be very intense for him! He was born Jan. 14. Anyway look forward to connecting, thanks!


Sorry I guess this is the “fifth leap” - can’t figure out how to get in and edit my post above so just thought I’d reply to make clear! Thanks!


Hello Khadijah! I feel your pain, my Andre was going through the same thing. Currently, he’s waking up 1-2 times during the night because he wants his pacifier or to breastfeed and it’s very frustrating. I thought we were on our way to sleeping through the night. I hope things have gotten better for you.