16week sudden fussiness & settling struggles!


My little boy just a few days away from being 16 weeks old has gone from a really pleasant happy baby to wingey and fussy for most of the day unless im doing a good job at distracting him.

Also he was a pretty good sleeper easy to settle to put down and would sleep for about 6-8 hrs a night…but now he is very difficult to settle and will sleep in roughly 3 hour blocks getting up at around 11pm, 2pm 5am!

He is breastfed (and for the past few days seems to be doing longer feeds at a time and sometimes super fussy at the breast too…pulling off, tugging, back on etc when he was generally an ok feeder)

Anyone else experiencing this and how are you coping / being able to settle your little one in regards to sleep and or feeding or general overall happiness of your baby xx