16week fussiness & sleep settling struggles!


My little boy just a few days away from being 16 weeks old has gone from a really pleasant happy baby to wingey and fussy for most of the day unless im doing a good job at distracting him.

Also he was a pretty good sleeper easy to settle to put down and would sleep for about 6-8 hrs a night…but now he is very difficult to settle and will sleep in roughly 3 hour blocks getting up at around 11pm, 2pm 5am!

He is breastfed (and for the past few days seems to be doing longer feeds at a time and sometimes super fussy at the breast too…pulling off, tugging, back on etc when he was generally an ok feeder)

Anyone else experiencing this and how are you coping / being able to settle your little one in regards to sleep and or feeding or general overall happiness of your baby xx thanks so much


Ah yes the infamous 4 month regretion. Your baby is likely going through some major developmental leaps causing this temporary state. Rest assured your little one will go back to being a happy well tempered baby in a couple of weeks give or take some time. In the meantime extra snuggles always help and make sure to take any chance you get to do some self care that’ll help you push forward.

Heads up there’s another regretion coming at 8 months that tends to be the toughest of them all. It too shall pass.


Thanks so much Natasha! So nice and comforting to hear its obviously very normal :slight_smile:

Extra cuddles! Yes! Im just also abit worried that ill be creating bad habits by helping him to fall asleep (either breast or rocking him to sleep)

But nothing else seems to sooth him…



Yea I wouldn’t worry about that. You just go with your gut. Never mind the spoil them mentality and endless sleep training books. I drove myself nutty with my first with all that stuff. Even we as adults need cuddling and extra love when we feel crumy :). Do what works and keeps you and baby happy. You’re mama, you know best.


Agreed with nkasmaii (on both this regression and the 8 month one–just ended that one!) Lots of coffee and chocolate for Mama and extra cuddles for baby. It will pass-and if they want to be cuddled-just do it! They won’t be affected by it in the long run :slight_smile: You can do it!