12 week leap!?


Hi everyone im new to this ! I’ve just got a queston. My little girl is 12 weeks old and has just strted to scream and cry uncontrollably in the car. Its got so awful I avoid car journey now! Is this a sign of the 12 week leap and how can I help her through this!?
She has been more clingy and crying recently and normally very content LG

Thank you x


Hey i am new to this too and have a quick question , my little girl is 13 weeks and 5 days but was 12 days early , i have started trying to get her to sleep in her crib in her own room only for day naps only as i am using a co sleeper at night, she has been really fussy the last week and i am not sure if its a leap or teething ? But i am wondering if i should not be trying to get her to sleep in her crib during this time can it be harmful to her leap process


Hi ladies,
My son is just about to finish the third leap. The last week has definitely been a trying time.
What made it easier? I decided to cancel what plans I could and spend the day in my PJ’s on the couch just feeding and sleeping and being there for him in this difficult time… I wish I had done it earlier in the week and avoided much of the tears and screaming in car/on walks/at coffee shops etc.
not sure about the sleeping but I have personally decided to continue co-sleeping and leave the cot transitioning until this is over for both his and my sanity!